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All the events and games we have coming up. 

Friday Night Magic

For regular FNM play we don't have a table charge and there’s healthy commander scene every Friday, drafts most weeks (£18.50 entry), Modern play with Commander leagues coming in 2023.

Monthly casual Modern

Welcome to the jank tank! Try out those decks you have always wanted to play or just keep trying to keep the dream alive of Breach Titan being a competitive deck. 

  • Second Saturday of the month - 12:30pm start

  • £8 entry gets you a snack, a drink, a set booster per win.

  • Three rounds of fun

  • First and last place always get a promo pack

Monthly competitive Modern

Our regular big Modern event. Bring your best deck and play for bigger prizes!

  • Last Saturday of the month - 12:00 start

  • £21 entry

  • Five rounds

  • First place wins an Axion Mega Modern ticket (value £70!) or another tournament entry and a foil promo pack

  • Everyone else gets a set booster per win with additional prizes for the top 4.

  • Top 4 get a promo pack each and players on 0 wins get something for turning up and supporting us.

Book your tickets to reserve your spot.

  • WH40k Tournament December 3
    WH40k Tournament December 3
    Sun, 03 Dec
    Kingsditch Trading Estate
    03 Dec 2023, 09:00
    Our final event of the year, let's close things out with a casual tournament! Three rounds of play Registration from 9am Briefing 9.30 Round 1 start 9.45 Expected finish time 18.15 No prizes this time around, keeping it chill and the entry price low for all of you during Christmas month!
  • WH40k Tournament April 2023
    WH40k Tournament April 2023
    Sun, 16 Apr
    Kingsditch Trading Estate
    16 Apr 2023, 08:30
    Let's start to say goodbye to 9th with a day playing Arks of Omen, we'll see you for 3 games, event pack on our website
  • Battle Breathers - A 40k Cystic Fibrosis Charity Event
    Battle Breathers - A 40k Cystic Fibrosis Charity Event
    Sat, 04 Mar
    Warpstorm Games
    04 Mar 2023, 08:30
    Battle Breathers - a fun 40k Doubles event with twists and turns to help raise money for Cystic Fibrosis, a life limiting condition which also brings its own challenges.
  • WH40k Tournament February 2023
    WH40k Tournament February 2023
    Sat, 18 Feb
    Kingsditch Trading Estate
    18 Feb 2023, 08:30
    Our first tournament using the new Arks of Omen GT mission book! Work out the new see detachment and we'll see you for 3 games, event pack on our website
  • WH40k Tournament December 2022
    WH40k Tournament December 2022
    Sun, 11 Dec
    Kingsditch Trading Estate
    11 Dec 2022, 09:00
    Smaller table event running the Incusion Nephilim GT missions, event pack on our website
  • WH40k tournament June 2022
    WH40k tournament June 2022
    Sat, 11 Jun
    Kingsditch Trading Estate
    11 Jun 2022, 08:30
    10 player event running the Strike Force Nachmund GT missions, event pack on our website
  • WH40k tournament March 2022
    WH40k tournament March 2022
    Sun, 13 Mar
    Warpstorm Wargames
    13 Mar 2022, 09:00
    10 player event running the new Nachmund GT missions, event pack to follow
  • WH40k Tournament 04.12.2021
    WH40k Tournament 04.12.2021
    Sat, 04 Dec
    Kingsditch Trading Estate
    04 Dec 2021, 09:00 GMT

Events calendar

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