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Modern Horizons 3 BIG Saturday Prerelease 08/06

Saturday 8 June

Due to a reduced number of kits available, we're glomming our usual two saturday events into one big event with more rounds and more prizes!

format: Sealed (prerelease kit)

tournament: 50 mins deckbuilding + 5 rounds of swiss

prizes: pack per win (extra boosters for top8, extra promos sprinkled throughout)

start time: 10.30am


prerelease is the friendliest event in the calendar. everyone's seeing the cards for the first time - if you're a newer player this is a great jumping in point.


turn up from 9.30am to pick up any sealed product you want (bundles, commander, boosters etc. we expect to sell out of some of it pretty fast). Grab a game of Modern or Commander and a drink, and we'll kick off prerelease at 10.30am on the dot!


can't wait to see you there!


parking: free, lots available

hot drinks & snacks available

food delivery services can find our shop easily

Modern Horizons 3 BIG Saturday Prerelease 08/06

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