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Today we were told by our distributors what our allocations for the Throne of Eldraine order will be. We made sure to order everything that has been pre-ordered plus some extra for the forthcoming weeks.

Unfortunately, there is a UK and EU wide shortage of the Throne of Eldraine Collectors Boosters. As such, the distribution companies have had to do some hard allocating, resulting in many stores will be receiving far less than they have ordered.

Sadly we are one of these stores. Our allocation for Collectors Boxes is 0.

We will be contacting everyone who has pre-ordered these items with us and will processing full refunds to all those affected.

We can confirm that this applies only to the collectors boxes. All the bundles, normal booster boxes, brawl deck and planeswalker decks will be unaffected and we will be able to meet these orders in full.

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